Look Good In Your Work Out Gear

We're only 2 weeks into January, so hopefully no-one is losing motivation just yet on the workout front. However, to help you stay in tune with your body and it's fitness needs, a great way is to invest in a few new pieces for the gym (or wherever you train). If you are looking good in your new leggings and vest, you will definitely feel better about yourself. It can sometimes feel tedious pulling on the same old pair of leggings or shorts and out of shape t-shirt - not exactly the best way to get into work out mode! And if you buy clever, you can hide certain lumps and bumps rather than pushing them up and out over the top of your leggings - feeling these bulges will make you want to run home and hide.

So lets buy a few key pieces that pull us in (comfortably) and hit the gym with a little bit of smugness. And if you have reached your target weight or have a great figure to begin with, you're gonna want to show it off!


fashion, lifestyleBy Regina Turk