Alexandra Shulman Steps Down From Vogue!

Vogue's Editor-in-chief, Alexandra Shulman, is to step down after 25 years. It's a brave step to move on after such a major role at one of the top fashion magazines in Britain. However, we are not entirely surprised. She has just reached the pinnacle of her career and the magazines milestone birthday of 100. The 12 month lead up to the centenary issue was no easy feast but one hell of an accomplishment....where do you take the magazine after that?!

Shulman said "I have been incredibly privileged to have been able to look after such a great magazine for so long and even more to have worked with so many people over those years who have made the experience so interesting and rich........I am tremendously excited that I will now look forward into a different future."

We have been huge fans of Alexandra Shulman and whatever the reason for her stepping down, it's always good to have a new pair of eyes in such a high profile role. We don't envy this person....big boots to fill!

We wish Alexandra the very best for her future which I'm sure will be filled with new ventures, both professionally and personally. 

fashionBy Kerrie Wvogue