Zelens Re-Surfacing Facial Pads

Gone are the days when exfoliating your skin meant massaging a product with rough grains into your face believing that they were removing the dead skin cells and smoothing out your skin. They probably were removing the dead skin cells but also good skin cells we were rubbing so hard, then to be left with a red sore face. That was until we learnt that these exfoliators are not good for our skin. Now it's all about acid based exfoliators, which sounds scary in itself, but no, this is the way to go.

There are different types of acid based exfoliators, some of which suit certain people better. For example, some people don't get on with glycolic acids, for those with acne or blemish prone skin salicylics are best and those with dehydration or dry skin lactic acids are good. So be sure to do your research. For me personally, I have dehydrated skin with a little sensitivity so I want an exfoliator than is gentle but effective and doesn't leave my skin feeling dry.

I've been using Zelens PHA+ Bio-Peel Resurfacing Facial Pads and I'm absolutely loving them. Zelens has become a very trusted brand for me over the past couple of months as I've been trying many of their products with great success. As the name suggests, these exfoliating pads are PHA (poly hydroxy acids) based along with AHA (alpha hydroxy acids) and BHA (beta hydroxy acids) so very good for those with dehydrated skin as your skin stays hydrated after using them and prepares the skin for deep penetration of products that follow. It might seem like a lazy option to buy already soaked pads for exfoliating but one of the reasons I chose these was because they were already soaked the with correct amount of product that was required and it does make them very easy to transport. One of the two major selling points about these exfoliating pads is that they are very good for sensitive skin types, the other being their humectant properties giving hydration, plumpness and smoothness to your skin.

My recommendation would be to use these twice a week, perhaps before a mask or other treatments. I wipe the pad all over my face (avoid the eye area) and neck, then turn the pad around and repeat (to ensure I am getting my moneys worth!). Allow the product to do its work for 5 minutes before applying your next product. If you're new to this type of exfoliator I would suggest using it once a week to ensure you don't have a sensitivity to it and to build up a tolerance. You may eventually be happy to use it three times a week, it's personal choice.

They have quite a strong smell so take take around the nose area, some tingling may happen especially at first but these pads certainly get to work right away. One of the first things I noticed with this product is that your skin immediately glows after using it, something I have never experienced right away with an exfoliator (usually it occurs the next morning with the help of all the other product on top) but with this the glow is instant. Needless to say, the next morning your skin is radiant, smooth and most importantly free from all dead skin and dry patches. These pads have also been known to reduce scarring and pigmentation.

Zelens exfoliating pads are an excellent top end product, they kind of stand alone in this department, like a mini facial in the comfort of your own home and with the same results. With these, you get total removal of dead skin cells AND glowing plump skin. Highly recommended. They cost £65 for 50 pads, which is a bit pricey but at 2 per week they will last you almost 6 months.