Box Set Favourites!

January is definitely the month to stay in (detox if you will), socialise less and take warm baths in the early evening and put your pj's on. What goes hand in hand very nicely with this is good TV. Whilst more programmes are starting to make their way onto our TV screens this month, the best way to get tucked into a good series is box sets. You can watch them when you want and as often as you want. There's something quite naughty about staying in your pj's all day on a winter Sunday and watching back to back episodes of your latest favourite show.  

Two that we have been enjoying lately are The Collection and Good Girls Revolt, both of which are on Amazon Prime. They are both easy going, not too much brain power is needed and are very stylish is different ways.

The Collection, set in a post war Paris fashion house, is beautifully shot to reflect both the fashion industry and the late 1940's, with all the glamour that goes with both. The fashion industry changed quite radically after the war, moving away from conventional tweed to stylish silk and feminine silhouettes. The fashion house is run by two brothers, Paul (the businessman) and Claude (the tortured designer) Sabine. One cannot operate without the other, and of course brother rivalry is at the forefront with very different characters locking horns, while mother tries to play mediator. The show is not without it's conflict, both politically and romantically. Lots of secrets and questionable histories among the characters. Among the cast is Richard Coyle as Paul, Tom Riley as Claude and Mamie Gummer (Meryl Streep's daughter) as Paul's wife. This is a lovely heart warming show with an abundance of beauty. Well worth watching. The first series is available to watch on Amazon Prime. 

Watch the launch trailer below for an insight into the show:

And the other one we couldn't get enough of was Good Girls Revolt. With a cultural revolution sweeping through the free world, newsrooms were slow to catch up. Set in 1969 in New York, a group of girls working for News of the Week get together to challenge the way they are being treated unfairly and unlawfully in the shadow of their male colleagues. This justified attitude among the women has a knock on effect in the personal lives and sees marriages compromised, friendships built and destroyed and career aspirations rise. Again, a very stylish show, where women are embracing the height of fashion, with short skirts and knee length boots (much to the mens pleasure). The beginning of the series shows Nora (Ephron) arriving at the newsroom but not hanging around for long due to the sexism that exists in the office. This sparks off encouragement from the other girls to take action against their unfair treatment. Meanwhile the 60s are in full swing with love, peace and pot!

It's not quite Mad Men but the women (as researchers) are doing the work while the men (as reporters) take the credit for it. It's not as good as Mad Men (that would take some beating and I don't understand why it gets compared to it anyway) but it is a great show, much more light hearted with less complicated characters, that will get you all fired up. The full first series is available on Amazon Prime.

Watch the trailer for Good Girls Revolt below:

lifestyle, editorBy Lauren Posey