The Liberty London Faces

Liberty London are running an October Beauty Campaign which is most humbling and inspiring. In a world where people are obsessed with air brushed perfection, which is totally unachievable in real life but makes people feel like they aren't pretty enough, is most damaging, which is such a shame because what young men and women (the older you get the more accepting you are of your true self) are striving towards is not real - even for the model featured in the advert, do you really think she wakes up looking like that? or even looks like that when she applies minimum makeup, like most of us do, on casual days? No, is the answer!

So, for their October Beauty Campaign, Liberty London has taken the real faces from closer to home, i.e. Liberty London to feature in their real beauty wardrobe. The Liberty London Faces share their personal perception of beauty and their daily essentials.

Zoe Taylor, the makeup artist who worked on the campaign, had this to say:

I loved working on this campaign as, for me, it shows exactly what London is: a strong capital full of beautiful people from all over the world who call London their home. I think being different or slightly off is what makes something beautiful. A crooked tooth, or a freckle in the wrong place or just a naughty glint in the eye.

Read the full Liberty London Faces edit here, and for the cult products such as Nars blushers and Hourglass mascaras, to skin heroes from Dermalogica and Chantecaille, discover their favoured must-have products.