The 7-Minute Makeup Routine!


The other week I had to quickly and unexpectedly leave the house to run an errand. Now this was not an errand where I was going to be meeting a lot people or going to lots of places, where I would need a full makeup look, but it also wasn't a nip to the local shop where I could get away with no makeup. And besides which I had about 7 minutes to get ready so it was a minimalist look.

There was no time for eyebrow shaping, contouring, eyeshadow layering or even highlighting. It really was essentials. I started with my Laura Mercier Candleglow Soft Luminous Foundation (which is my go-to foundation most days). I placed 3 pumps in my fingertips and warmed it up between my fingers (I mostly use a beauty blender but time did not allow it on this occasion). I then patted it into my skin and blended it out with my fingers. Next was my under eye concealer which again I patted in with my ring finger, I'm currently using By Terry Terrybly Densiliss Concealer (fabulous concealer!). I very quickly set my under eye concealer and the centre of my face with powder (Chanel Universal Powder).

To add a little bit of colour and definition to my face, I applied a subtle brush of bronzer along my cheeks, forehead and jawline (with my current bronzer Benefit Hoola). Then a few strokes with an eyebrow pencil to fill in a few gaps – I spent no time at all on this, probably about 10 seconds.

I have always raved about Bobbi Brown Eye Shadow Sticks and this is certainly when they are essential. I used Heather Steel and applied a thick line along my lash line and used my ring finger to blend it upwards onto the lid to give the quickest and most effective wash of colour on your eyelids. Mascara followed, which can never be omitted from any makeup look no matter how little time you have. On stay-at-home days, I quite often put on mascara and nothing else. It opens up your eyes like nothing else will. I used Clinique High Impact Mascara, which is a perfect daytime mascara.

This only left a pinch of blush on my cheeks, the one I always go for when I am in a hurry (because it is so easy to apply and blend) or wanting to create a subtle fresh glow is Bourjois Cream Blush in 01 Nude Velvet. For my lipstick, nude obviously as it was a minimal look, is my current favourite nude lipstick (which is fast becoming my all time favourite nude lipstick) is Trish McEvoy Lip Colour in Pink Nude.

I was quite flustered at this stage because of my panic to get out of the house in record time and so I felt quite disheveled and 'put together'. However when I came back and caught myself in the mirror I looked very fresh faced and glowing and I actually really liked my makeup look. I have known myself to spend a long time on my makeup and not be happy with it but it goes to show you that sometimes we can fuss too much.

I fell on this look accidentally but it has become my current 'favourite daytime no-fuss minimal' makeup look. It's perfect for school run mums (or mums to new babies) who have very little time in the morning, those who roll out of bed as late as they can possibly get away with, those who don't like to wear much makeup and those who have to leave the house unexpectedly(!). It's a quick fool proof makeup look.

It genuinely only took me about 7 minutes to apply this makeup (much longer than it did to write this article) and if you have less than 7 minutes, forget about the bronzer and eye shadow – get your base on, add a pop of colour to your checks and lips and open your eyes with mascara!

This makeup look can be achieved with everything you currently have in your makeup bag – your usual foundation, eyeshadow, mascara etc. But if there was one thing I would recommend you to get it's the Bourjois Cream Blush in 01 Nude Velvet. It just so happens that it was the only high street brand that I used in this look but I can honestly tell you that I reach for this blusher over my high end ones every time I create this minimal quick look. It brightens up your cheeks with the most gorgeous flush of natural glow.