Corduroy Is In!

Corduroy is back is fashion again! It's one of those fashion trends that comes in and out so many times it's difficult to keep track of whether it is supposed to be cool or not. Wearing 'cord' anything is so not cool if it is not on the high street! My husband has always teased me about my cream corduroy jeans that I was wearing one of the first times we met. I'm pretty sure they were in style at the time, although he begs to differ, either way he laughs at me every time it comes back in and I head for the rails. It didn't put him off though, did it?!

Although corduroy has been in and out over the years, it still takes me back to the 70s era and looking back at photos of my mother rocking this look and me and my sisters wearing my mothers corduroy creations for us! Nostalgia aside, fashion has moved on somewhat from then and the corduroy is looking pretty hot with its kick flare cropped red corduroy jeans.

I've had my eye on many pieces this time round, so if you are a corduroy fan, then it's time to go shopping....


fashion, editorBy Kerrie Wmango