Fashion Tips: Create Your Own Ripped Jeans

Do you have an old pair of jeans that you have gone off but don't want to throw away because other than the fact that you have just gone off them, there is absolutely nothing with them? In fact, they are a great fit and so comfortable but just look a bit 'straight'! 

Well, don't get rid of them. You were right not to throw them out because all you need is a little imagination and you have a new pair of jeans! Transform your boring old jeans into a pair of cool edgy ones by adding a few rips here and there. And I don't mean taking a pair of scissors to create 2 slits - oh, no! This takes a little more time and effort (only a little - you're not designing a collection for the catwalk!). But it's amazing what you can achieve with the right tools (sandpaper and a pair of tweezers - yes, you heard me correctly!) and a half hour.


So, starting off with a pair of plain jeans (i.e. no rips), take a piece of sandpaper and where you want your rip/frays to be, start rubbing this patch of your jeans until you're basically scratching away at the material. When you have reached the desired effect, create a horizontal cut above and below this area and then take a pair of tweezers and start to pull out the blue threads. Only do this between where you have cut. Don't worry if you are left with some fuzzy blue thread, it will eventually come off in the wash.


Create one rip or go to town and create many - giving your old pair of jeans a brand new look and feel - cool and edgy! They may well become your new favoured pair of jeans in your wardrobe!

fashionBy Jorges Clarke