This Seasons Knitwear Essentials

Autumn clothing is one of the reasons that I don't mind the colder weather. It's a huge understatement to say that I love jumpers! Cosy knits is only second to lounging around in your pj's with the fire (or central heating) roaring on a chilled out weekend. I love the look of jumpers with jeans, skirts, trousers (particularly leather trousers) and even the right kind of dress. Waking up on a cold Autumn/Winter Saturday morning, it doesn't even take any thinking, it's non-negotiable, a pair of jeans and a jumper, accompanied by my favourite boots. And what's best about Autumn over Winter is that you can often get away with just your jumper and no coat. 

I like to mix and match my jumper collection, a few cheaper high street ones that can be worn to death and then thrown away to make room for next seasons, and a few designers ones that will stay in my collection for many years, with care and not over wearing. The Christmas before last, I was bought a longed for Bella Freud 'Ginsberg is God' jumper and I love getting it out when Summer is over. I have worn it with a leather skirt, leather trousers, jeans and tucked into a midi skirt and every time I put it on I feel fabulous. Equally I have bought, and favoured on many days, high street jumpers that are bang on trend.

Here's our selection of this seasons jumpers, to give you some inspiration:


fashionBy Kerrie W