ESPA Overnight Hydration Therapy

ESPA Overnight Hydration Therapy has become by best friend over the last week or two. The weather has got much colder and my skin has gotten more thirsty, sensitive and longs for love and attention.

It's all well and good wrapping up in our fabulous faux fur and going for lovely crisp walks followed by dinner/drinks at your local pub huddled by the roaring warmth of the fire. It is indeed very romantic but going from extreme temperatures plays havoc with our skin, it certainly does with mine. I have learned over the years to see the tell tale signs of dryness and redness kicking in, so I react a lot quicker than I used to, which saves me lots of time, money and general heartache.

I'm not a huge fan of changing my moisturiser in the winter. Firstly, it takes me long enough to find the right one that I'm sticking to it. And secondly, I much prefer to layer up! By that I mean, as and when my skin needs it, I add a few drops of oils to my moisturiser. A couple of times a week, during the Autumn/Winter months, I love to use a night time treatment that provides the added blanket that my skin cries out for.

This Overnight Hydration Therapy from Espa is an absolutely gorgeous product. It's a rich gel-cream mask that doesn't cause any of the issues you might associate with a rich cream (i.e. breakouts). You can feel your skin absorbing it as soon as you apply it, leaving a very nourished, soft, deeply hydrated face. It does leave a tackiness so it's not one you can put on and go straight to bed in - it needs time to sink in. It is perfect for those who experience sleepless night and for dehydrated skin sufferers.

Although it is a night time treatment, there is no reason why you couldn't apply it to your face in the morning (if you have time) for 15 minutes and let your skin drink as much of it as possible before removing it. So if you are waking up from an over indulgent night and your skin looks pretty rough, you could apply this and leave it as long as you can - even better if you have nowhere to go, just slather it on when you get up, park yourself on the sofa, nurse your hangover and let your skin come back to life again. It's also a great product for long haul flights.

The formula, which is 99% natural ingredients, is a unique Tri-ActiveTM blend of replenishing plant extracts, restorative marine actives and soothing essential oils (Cedarwood, Ylang Ylang & Lavandin). At £37 it's actually quite reasonably priced.