Anya Smells!


Do you ever wish you could bottle up your favourite smells and have them at the ready for when you want to be transported to somewhere comforting, like back to the memories of your long ago summer holiday (which was actually only 3 months ago!) or have the aroma of coffee wafting throughout the house when visitors arrive. I don't even drink coffee (apart from the odd Mocha when I'm out) but god I love the smell of it and walking into someones house with the smell of coffee (even though I am about to refuse it) is very inviting indeed.

Well, Anya Hindmarch has done just this! Ok, she hasn't actually bottled her favourite smells, but what she has done is even better. She has just brought out a range of scented candles (which we hope she will build upon) to bring these amazing scents into your home anytime you want it.

Her debut collection consists of three candles whose scents are inspired by happy memories for Anya; Sun Lotion, Baby Powder and Coffee. Baby Powder......who doesn't love this smell?! Whether you have children or not, whether you even like children or not, I don't know many people who don't like this smell. It's purity, innocence and calmness. Let's face it, most mothers/fathers who are transported back in time with this smell aren't thinking about the sleepless nights, they are remembering the sweet times when the baby has just been bathed and there's a sense of calm before he/she drifts off to sleep (the baby that is!). My mother obsesses over this smell - she still has a tub of Johnson Baby Powder in her bathroom cupboard from when my youngest sister was a baby (35 years ago! - smell long gone, memory not!).

The 'Anya Smells' scented candle collection has been created in collaboration with perfumer Lyn Harris. Each candle comes in two sizes and is finished with a graphic from the Anya Hindmarch Sticker Shop to 'add a signature dose of humour'.