After Party Tips!


So you've had the party and you're feeling a little worse for wear, albeit with some fabulous memories from the night before to keep you smiling throughout your hangover. Unless you have no choice but to go out, you will probably spend most of the day on the sofa (hopefully it's not bad enough that you have to stay in bed!). But all is not lost, sofa days are great, you get a legitimate excuse to catch up on all your favourite programs or films (Christmas movies....) on Netflix or Amazon.

But lets do a little preparation beforehand. Remember, you won't want to go out the next day unless you have to, so make sure you have everything at home and at the ready. Preferably in this order, here goes:

1) Unless you are going for a meal, make sure you eat something substantial before you go out but avoid foods that will make you feel bloated and uncomfortable in your sexy sparkle number.

2) Try to drink as much water throughout the night as possible and I'm not just talking about when you get home, while you are actually out. It's the last thing on your mind I know - who turns down a glass of champagne in favour of a glass of water?! But try to sneak in as much as you can.

3) Make sure you have water (plenty of it) and paracetamol on your bedside unit before you even go out. Drink loads of water when you come in and leave plenty for the next morning to wash down your pain killers and rehydrate.

4) Have an eye mask on your bedside table, not for going to sleep in but for when you wake up a couple of hours later and it has already become bright and your headache has kicked in. It will also come in handy for when you are napping during the following day, in between movies.

5) When you eventually roll out of bed and make it to the kitchen, don't reach for a fizzy drink, it might make you feel better instantly but it will make you feel worse in the long run. Your blood sugar levels are all over the place, you feel queezy, you may have indigestion and your liver is crying out for help. So, the best thing to take is a cup of warm water with ginger (for the nausea), lemon to detox your liver and honey to rebalance your blood sugar.

6) For breakfast, have a smoothie, it's the best way to pack as many nutrients back into your body. Banana, berries, avocado, spinach, pineapple (use water or almond milk as your liquid base). Save the bacon butty for lunch, get your body back to normal and help your liver to repair the damage from the night before.

7) Once you start feeling a little bit better, and before you get settled on the sofa, cleanse your face (you will already have removed your makeup from the night before, right?!!) and apply a deeply hydrating face mask and leave it on for as long as possible. ESPA Overnight Hydration Therapy is a great one. 


8) After this, all I can say is sip on water all day, eat as healthily as you can, and enjoy your self inflicted duvet day watching tv and movies (and try not to put your face on and go for the hair of the dog!).


Happy Christmas Partying everyone!!

lifestyleBy Lauren Posey