Friday Music Pick - End The Silence


The 'End of Silence' campaign is being supported by a host of famous people. Hopes and Homes for Children, the charity behind the campaign, are hoping to raise £1.5 million by 27th December (which will be matched by the UK government). The money raised will be used to help 120,000 children in orphanages in Uganda and Rwanda. 

In helping to promote the campaign, stars including Elton John, Ed Sheeran, Emeli Sande and many more are making youtube videos sharing music and songs that hold a special place in their hearts from their childhood.

Mark Waddington, CEO of Hope and Homes for Children, explained: “When a baby in an orphanage cries and nobody comes to comfort them, they learn not to cry.

“By internalising their pain, they suffer lifelong mental and physical damage. Deprived of love, life, and hope, these children grow up in silence. They never hear laughter or music. These children will never experience the love and protection only a family can offer.

“The idea of a childhood of silence and neglect in an orphanage – without love, family and music – is unacceptable. By joining the world’s top musicians in sharing your most precious childhood musical memory, you can help us to end the silence.”

Watch the stars talk about their music memories below:

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