Mark Helvadjian, founder of the all-natural men's grooming brand, SCRUBD, will be receiving many a pat on the back for bringing the attention once again, back to men's grooming. This is definitely a market that has yet to reach it's full potential but we are glad to say things are moving in the right direction.

Many women have launched brands that have been born out of a personal problem and therefore a need to fix a skincare issue. Arabella Preston brought out Votary because she wanted to use natural plant oils as the base to her products. Claire Vero launched Aurelia Probiotic Skincare having discovered the power of probiotics and the difference it makes to the skin.

And now, for the men, we have Mark Helvadjian, founder of SCRUBD, who tried desperately to find a premium all-natural bar of soap specifically for men. So, he gave up and decided to create his own. People are certainly becoming more aware of the unpleasantness of synthetic chemicals in their skincare and are moving more towards natural based ingredients. Thankfully the beauty industry are listening to us and more and more brands are coming forward with natural products. SCRUBD is one of those brands!

“Our mission is simple, to help men feel great in their skin.”
SCRUBD Founder, Mark Helvadjian

With a range of 14 products, and more to arrive next year, we have a taken a look at some of Mark's personal favourites.