Paint It Red!

Nothing quite says Strong, Sexy, Bold and Daring than the colour Red! A colour that is hot on the shelves of our favourite high street and high end fashion designers. A colour that is very much the one to wear during this festive season of Christmas and New Year.

However, red doesn't have to be confined to the clothes that we wear or the accessories that we put with our outfits. Make-up is a great way to play around with the colour Red. Nothing speaks volumes than a red lip. Certainly a red lip can be worn all year round but you must admit, we see red lips more often during festive party season than any other time of the year. And red nails, well again very popular all year round, it's a must at this time of year. But don't just narrow red makeup down to lips and nails. There are other ways to enjoy this colour in make-up.

We have rounded up some great products for you:

FENTY BEAUTY - Stunna Lip Paint, £19
OK, let's start with the red lip - the one we all associate with the Christmas party! If you want a bold red lip that will last into the wee small hours and give maximum impact, then look no further than Rihanna's Fenty Beauty. It's a one universal red shade for all skin tones, so no fussing over different shades of red to find the right one. The pigment of this soft matt liquid lipstick is incredible.


BOBBI BROWN Lip Gloss in Hollywood Red, £22
Create more intensity and a touch of gloss over your red lips with this best selling Bobbi Brown lipgloss, or wear it alone for a less intense look or if you're just more of a gloss person. 



CHARLOTTE TILBURY - The Vintage Vamp Luxury Palette, £39
Don't be afraid to wear red shade eyeshadows! They aren't as scary as they sound. I remember the first time the sales assistant at the Charlotte Tilbury counter suggested this palette (I was being open minded and wanted her opinion - but not so much so that I wasn't horrified that I would wear red on my eyes!). I thought it would make me look that I had sore red eyes. But how wrong was I?! This eye shadow palette made my blue eyes pop. It was an extraordinary effect. It is now one of my favourite palettes. And the quality of Charlotte Tilbury's eyeshadows are perfect. Each colour blends into each other effortlessly. The added glitz about this palette is the disco shade, the one on the bottom left, which is a perfect gold glitter for parties. It's adds the right amount of sparkle to your eyes.


RMS BEAUTY Lip2Cheek in Beloved, £34
This true red colour adds the most natural rosiness to your cheeks, offering perfect hydration. It can also be used on the lips, as the name suggests. Create that much desired flush to your cheeks with this perfect pot of rouge.



NARS Nail Polish in Dovima Vivid Tomato Red, £15
And let's not forget about the very sexy and popular red nail. This Nars polish is the perfect true red, long lasting, durable gloss finish. 


We don't suggest you go red crazy and apply eyes, cheeks and lips in this colour. Sexy is also about being subtle as well as full on bold, so pop your eyes with the Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow palette and wear a nude pink on the lips (having said that this eyeshadow palette works fabulous with a crimson lip too). Whether you go for a full on red makeup look or add a touch of lip, cheek or eye to complete your look, you can have lots of fun in the coming weeks with Red!