Bedside Essentials


I remember the days when my bedside table resembled that of a show house. A trendy lamp, a quirky clock, a strategically placed novel and perhaps my iphone.

Then I realised that there are certain beauty routines that I was repeatedly leaving out because I was in bed before I remembered about them and in no uncertain terms would I get back out of bed to do them. And so now my bedside table is full of 'things', some of which were starting to gather dust before I removed them (it doesn't always work having them right next to you!), for example, a couple for years ago I had keyhole surgery and I specifically bought Bio-oil to rub on my scars to help them heal. This lasted a couple of months at best and then randomly for a few more months and then it started gathering dust so I gave up, removed it and convinced myself that as long as I was moisturising when I got out of the bath/shower I would be fine. Thankfully it was only keyhole surgery and the scar isn't too big (and really doesn't bother me).

Anyway, back to all the other items that now reside on my bedside table:

1) Trendy lamp has now been replaced with a proper reading lamp that can be directly pointing to my book.

2) Quirky clock has been replaced by an LED more functional clock that I can see if I wake in the night (just so I can count how many hours sleep I have left – or worse case scenario keep staring at on nights when I frustratingly can't get to sleep, not advised!). 

3) A pile of books (currently about 5!) including the one I am in the process of reading and all others that I have bought and have yet to read (they can't go in the book case until they are read).

4) My reading glasses which are a new addition and still a bit of a sore point! The only consolation is that I got a really cool pair from Bobbi Brown.

5) Hand cream (currently L'Occitane) which must be the last job I do before I turn out the light, particularly if I'm browsing on my ipad (doesn't work with greasy hands).

6) Foot cream (also currently L'Occitane). I don't use this every night but when I do need to use it, it must be at night, with my legs dangling over the side of the bed, and once applied I cannot get out and walk on them.

7) Argan Oil which I'm using as a cuticle oil (this is the only job that I fail to keep on top off but I'm still working on it!). You can't do anything after you have put this on.

8) My ipad on top of which sits my iphone – so I'll either read or browse on my ipad in bed.

My side of the bed now actually looks like someone sleeps there. I like to call it the 'lived in' look!

Things that aren't by my bedside table:

1) Micellar water or wipes or any other makeup removing lotion because I never ever get into bed without taking my makeup off.

2) Sleep enhancing sprays or oils because thankfully I have no trouble getting to sleep.

3) Lip cream because it must stay in my handbag and therefore is always on me – plus my bag stays by my bed at night and so it is close by if I need it.


The only problem I am finding is that my bedside cabinet is not big enough for all these new additions so I may need to find a new place for my unread books. Or buy a bigger unit. I've come to quite like my night time ritual while tucked up in bed, particularly at this time of the year, when a) it's too cold to hang around in flimsy nightwear in the bathroom and b) more foot cream and hand cream is needed in this drying cold weather. These were always the jobs that I would remember about after I got into bed (and my lips). It's a bit like getting ready in the morning and after you have set off for work you look down at your hands and realise you need hand cream (which is why one now lives in my handbag!). I always said one lip balm and one hand cream wasn't enough!