It's Time To Party - What To Wear?!

It's time to go shopping for your Christmas party outfit. Whether you have an early party to shop for or want to get the best pick of the party glamour, now is the time to get planning. Some years you may want to go full on glamour and wear a gown, and then the next year you want to get into a pair of sexy black skinny trousers and a top. Or maybe this year you want to be all disco sparkle. I guess it depends on your mood, the weather and the dress code for your party and if you're lucky enough to have a long list of Christmas events to attend, you will need a wardrobe of options. And don't forget, sometimes you gotta throw comfort out of the window in the name of fashion.

Choosing a Christmas party outfit it very important. It's when you go out with your work colleagues that usually only see you in your working wardrobe. This is the time to show them that you can be fun and glamorous and not just serious in the office. It may be when you meet up with old friends for your yearly get together and you want to show them that despite having had a baby that year you can still put on a sexy dress and dance the night away. Or if you get invited to a last minute party, you just happen to throw on 'this old thing' (aka the fabulous outfit you bought the week before!).

So, we have done a bit of shopping to help you decide what you want to wear to your Christmas parties. And if you do want to go for that sexy strappy short dress, then a faux fur will keep you warm. Whatever you choose to wear there are some fabulous outfits this year: