Paul Smith and R.E.M.

It's 25 years since R.E.M's landmark album, Automatic for the People, which features famous tracks like 'Everybody Hurts' and 'Man on the Moon'.

To mark the anniversary of this iconic album, the rock band has partnered with British fashion designer Paul Smith (whose is and always has been a big fan of R.E.M.), to produce a unique capsule collection of T-shirts, accessories and artwork.

"I’ve always particularly enjoyed Michael Stipe’s haunting vocals. The band is a very imaginative and artistic group of people, which makes them such exciting creative collaborators." Paul Smith.

The collection brings together Smith's bold colours and photographic print and Automatic For The People's artwork, lyrics and photographs (taken by Anton Corbijn).


From affordable socks to the more expensive keepsake items, we have picked a few of our favourite to give you a sample of the limited edition collection:

R.E.M. + Paul Smith Navy Canvas Tote Bag £150/$250


See the full collection here.

The release of the Paul Smith X R.E.M. collection will also coincide with a new release of the album, including a bonus track 'Photograph' by Natalie Merchant.