Davines Oi All-In-One-Milk

I love researching skincare products and trying out the industry's favourite cult products in an attempt to find the all singing all dancing products that suit me. I have found many fabulous products that have become essential to my skincare routine but I still find myself reading up on other products and wanting to try them. I've just got the beauty bug. However, the same can't be said when it comes to hair products!

I hate washing and styling my hair - it's a chore that bores me. But it is necessary and obviously I want a beautiful shiny frizz free finish. So I do look out for well loved products within haircare. My hair products are a relatively small collection compared to my skincare and makeup products. I have shampoo and conditioner and then Kerastase hair oil that I use on damp hair before styling. That has pretty much been my hair routine for the last couple of years. I occasionally use a little mousse to help hold the style if I'm going out and I also use Bumble and Bumble's Don't Blow It for days when I let it air dry (usually once a week). 

My hair is fine and straight (once blow dried) but it does need a helping hand to control frizz and if I leave it to dry naturally (with the help of Bumble and Bumble) it creates a natural structured kink which I really like the next day. I couldn't let my hair dry naturally and go out, it would look too wild (not quite like Monica's Caribbean trip in Friends but that scene always comes to mind!) but once I have lay on it and flattened it somewhat I looks good the next day.

Anyway, back to the matter in hand. I received Davines Oi All-in-One Milk in my Liberty Beauty Advent Calendar last year. Yes, I did just say last year! This is proof that I don't get as excited by hair products as I do about skincare products. When it comes to hair, if something is working for me I don't see any reason to change things up so I carefully put this in my 'hair products' drawer to try at a later date. The only other thought I had on it was that, being a 50ml bottle, it would be perfect to take on holiday, rather than an oil with a pump dispenser and no lid. I did take it on holiday once but I can't say I took too much notice of the results because, well, I was on holiday and had other lovely things to think about, like what cocktail I would start the night off with. But I do recall that I adored the smell. It is fabulous and every time you move your head you get a gorgeous whiff of scent.

So, fast forward a couple of months and I took it out again, following a clear out (and realising my next holiday wasn't on the horizon and I didn't want it to go off!). Following my shampoo and conditioner I spritz this in my hair (instead of my oil) before blow drying. Again, the smell is gorgeous and I noticed my hair was looking very straight, free (totally) from frizz and felt a little more full in terms of volume (not something I was expecting). I was a little sceptical that I was just having a good hair day and I wasn't outside braving the elements so it was well protected. So, next hair washing day, I repeated the process and headed out. To my utter surprise and delight, my hair stayed frizz free, shiny and all round fabulous. The final proof was when my other half commented that my hair was looking very straight (which translates as 'you don't have a frizzy head'). 

I am fairly confident in saying that this product has been the only one I have ever used that has had such an amazing result on my hair. The Kerastase oil was a great find and did wonders for my hair but it took me a couple of months of using it to notice an improvement in the condition of my hair. With Davines Oi All-in-One Milk, the transformation is immediate. I'm not comparing these too products by the way as they are different types of product. They are just  the two that I have been using. Davines Oi All-in-One Milk will most definitely become my go-to item for when I blow dry my hair. It's a game changer!

It's available at Liberty London and costs £19.40 for 135ml.