Kai By Gaye Straza Body Lotion

"a light and intoxicating scent of gardenia wrapped in white exotics."

We're still very much in bath season right now i.e. extremely cold outside and there is nothing more comforting than relaxing in the bath at the end of the day and then getting into bed all cosy and warm. Although I love a bath all year round, unless it's particularly warm and then it's the last thing I want to do. But I don't need to worry about that anytime soon. 

Jumping in the shower in the morning serves a purpose, one of which is to revive yourself and wake up ready for the day. When I do this, I don't really pay much attention to the body lotion I lift as it is usually the first one I find and it's a quick job. However, with a bath, I like to take time to prepare, light a candle and choose which body lotion to use afterwards. I always choose one of my more luxurious ones because I love to smell the scent for the rest of the evening and when I get into bed. And when I get up the next morning and put on my dressing gown, I can still smell it.

My favourite one at the moment is the Kai by Gaye Straza body lotion. It has the most gorgeous smell, comprising gardenia, jasmine, lily, and white musk to give a tropical scent with a hint of sweetness and it lingers for so long after you apply it. In fact, when Gaye Straza first wore Kai perfume, that she created for herself to embody the exotic white flowers she loved, she was stopped on Madison Avenue by a beauty editor asking where she could buy the scent - propelling Kai into the beauty world with Gaye launching Kai as its own beauty company. Her inspiration for the scent came from the time she spent on tropical islands in her youth and in particular the scent of a single white Hawaiian flower. This is exactly where you are transported to when you smell this fragrance.

This is one of my favourite ever body lotions for the scent alone but it is also a very high end formula that sinks into your skin within minutes to leave it feeling so soft and smooth. It contains naturally moisturising ingredients safflower seed oil, shea butter, apricot kernal oil and fruit extract. If you are a morning shower person, this scent will last all day, you almost don't need to wear perfume (unless you want to layer with Kai perfume, of course).

Kai by Gaye Straza body lotion is available to buy at Liberty London. It costs £34.