Favourite Christmas Advert 2017

Our favourite Christmas advert this year is Marks & Spencers, featuring Paddington Bear. Last year went to John Lewis, who always make the best Christmas adverts but this years wasn't as good. A big grizzly monster living under the bed just didn't cut it for us this year. Paddington, on the other hand, well he's cuddly, cheeky and speaks in a very posh English accent, that we associate with our favourite Christmas movie Love Actually.

Christmas Adverts must get us feeling all warm and festive and this one does. It's Christmas Eve, it's snowing (which rarely happens but this is make believe!), Santa is doing his rounds and Paddington Bear goes along for the ride as Santa apparently doesn't know what he is doing, as they ride through the very picturesque streets of London. And it's injected with a little humour, given that Santa Claus is a mistaken identity thief! But it all comes good in the end as the thief realises his wrong doings and is blessed with some Christmas spirit.

Christmas magic at its best - watch it below:

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