Get Your Party Shoes On!

So you've just spent ages shopping for the perfect outfit to whoa all your colleagues and friends. And now it's time for the party shoes to go with it. This part can be somewhat stressful because we all know that shoes, particularly party shoes, no matter how much we spend, are not really comfortable. So we have two choices; we can either accept this from the beginning and buy the killer heels that we've been lusting after for months and know that you will have very sore feet by the end of the night; or you can spend a little more time trying on different ones in an attempt to find a more comfortable pair and NOT know that you are going to end up with very sore feet by the end of the night. The choice is yours but in my experience when you put on a pair of sexy heels (which always look better with a sexy outfit!) and dance the night away, you will most likely end up with sore feet. And if you don't you've haven't been enjoying yourself enough!

We've picked out a few pairs in an attempt to help you with this process. Killer heels are included, lots of them, but we have tracked down a few pairs with a lower heel that still look the part and may satisfy the more 'comfortable shoe' wearers among you. We have even included a fabulous pair of party ankle boots that look great with short dresses and offer comfort (sorry, I mean more comfort!), less frost bite and add a cool sexy edge to your party outfit.