Mood Boards - Visualise Your Life!

Does your head ever get totally crammed with ideas and dreams of what you would like to achieve in life and all the things you would like to do? To the point where you just don't know where to start?! Or you get really frustrated because certain things seem a long way off? Why not start with a Mood Board. A fun, creative way to visualise all your dreams and look at them every now and again, update them as you go along, and keep the dream real. It's the same principle that designers use when putting together their collections. Only for you, it's about your life and what you want out of it. And if you visualise it long and hard, it may just come true.

The thing to remember about creating a mood board is that you can add as much or as little as you want, take things off when you realise they are not important or don't fit into your plans anymore. I still have a picture of a mannequin stand on mine (that I added about 3 years ago) because I would like to make some items of clothing. I don't intend becoming a designer and making my own collection but I would love to make one or two pieces of clothing for myself. I haven't done anything about it yet but I won't take it off because I would still like to do it one day. Other things happened in my life in the last 3 years, a change of career for one (which incidentally wasn't on my mood board - a very positive change of direction my life took that I wasn't expecting). A mood board isn't meant to be a bucket list that you tick of (that's too methodical), it's a creative process where you may be browsing through a magazine one day and see a picture of a country that you have always wanted to visit - so tear out the picture and put it on your moon board. And every time you look at it, you get a little bit excited at the prospect of visiting that country. You may never visit it and instead visit 4 other countries that weren't on your mood board. But it's a way of always engaging your brain to strive for your ambitions. A way to focus on pushing yourself harder and not letting life stand still. There are a lot of things to do out there.

If you want to change to a more healthier lifestyle, diet and fitness, then post a picture of someone who you admire that already achieves this (or a picture of yourself at a weight that you want to achieve again), and when you look at it you will be reminded why you put it there. This is your mood board, you can put what you want on it....the obvious things like marriage and children, or a sports car....or the more obscure things that are specific to you. Show it to the world if you want or keep it private. 

Building a mood board isn't about sitting back and looking at it and then doing nothing about it. You must believe and realise your dreams, just get on with it. But neither is it about looking at it and getting depressed because you know you will never achieve any of your dreams. It's got to work for you. Only you can make it work. You may come across a picture of something that appeals to you but for no particular reason, tear it out and put it on your board. It may just put a smile on your face that morning that you decide to take five minutes to view your mood board. It doesn't always have to be about trying to figure out what to do next, just staring at it will help you understand how you want your life to look, this in itself will generate a positive attitude.

One of the first things I put on my mood board was the following quote: "Success isn't about magic, fate, the will of the gods...It's about believing something so completely that there is no other possible outcome".