Odejo Fragrance

Odejo is a perfume with a story behind it. Which started out at Elton John's house. When Jo Levin, stylist and GQ's former creative fashion director, passed Jeff Lounds, fragrance specialist, at a party in Elton house, he instantly feel in love with the scent she was wearing. She sourced the perfume oil at an apothecary in New York 15 years before but wouldn't reveal its scent, calling it 'Eau de Jo', a play on her name. It seems he wasn't the only one to ask after the scent, Tom Ford expressed his interest, among many other random people.

Jo eventually conceded (about 16 years later!) and collaborated with Jeff Lounds to bottle the scent. And so Odejo was born. I was sold into it before I had even smelt it. The scent is a distinctive combination of cucumber oil, lily, Tahitian rose and blue sea kelp, a beautiful fresh fragrance. More suited to wearing in the summer if you are someone who changes their perfume with seasons, as its floral feminine notes lends itself to a warm summer evening. I wear it all year round, particularly when I want a warm fresh feeling. It's not an obvious scent, it takes on its own form and very softly settles into your skin to leave a gorgeous light scent. And lets not forget the packaging - the box it comes in is a vibrant burst of orange, green and pink once the white lid is lifted off. Perfect for your dressing table. Very much the seductive woman is going to wear this sensual fragrance.