FIRE - The Colour Changing Hair Dye!

Do you want black hair or red hair? What if you could have both in the same day without actually changing your hair colour? A bizarre but intriguing concept! Your hair changing colour according to the environment around you. Is this just too weird or is it fun and interesting?! Well, someone who is taking this very seriously is Lauren Bowker, founder of The Unseen, who has created this colour changing hair dye. This so-called "reactive fashion" allows for your hair to go from blue to blonde depending on whether you are outside or inside, i.e temperature fluctuations. We are loving it! This is seriously cool!

The specially formulated hair dye, called FIRE, was debuted at London Fashion Week, so one thing is for sure, we will soon see it everywhere! Watch this space....

For more information, go to The Unseen Website