Tom Dixon Brand

I've recently been drawn to these really fabulous candles and espresso cups, which are random items and not linked in any way other than they are from the same brand Tom Dixon. It's a brand that I had not been overly familiar with, until now that is! I had to go and check them out and in doing so I discovered my love for this forward thinking collection. 

This brand is very different to anything you'll see, he uses innovative techniques when designing his products, with lots of brass and copper featured. It's ultra modern and will no doubt create a talking point with visitors of any item that may sit in your home.

Tom Dixon, a British designer, is based out of London, New York, LA and Tokyo. The brand has a strong sense of Britishness and eccentricity with a number of high profile projects under their belt, including hotels, retail spaces, restaurants and corporate headquarters. And of course his home decor and designer lighting, which is what struck my attention in the first place.

It was extremely difficult for us to pick out some favourites to give you an idea of the kind of products he makes, so we have tried to show you a variation. Of course, you can check it all out for yourself at Liberty London.

lifestyle, homeBy Eddy Mason