Best Chicken Burger Ever!

This is my own recipe. Ok, it's just a chicken burger, not rocket science, but I did put it together myself. I was coating a piece of chicken one evening for dinner (which turned out lovely) and decided to try it as the chicken part of my chicken burger (a great home-made Friday night take-away!). I use one small chicken fillet per person.

1. Take the chicken fillet, butterfly it and bash it between cling film sheets until thinned out.
2. Coat it in seasoned flour (I sometimes add a little paprika to the flour), then dip it in 1 beaten egg and finally in a breadcrumb and parmesan mix (2 tbsp of each).
3. Fry the chicken until golden brown on each side and cooked through (you can finish it off in the oven if the chicken is quite thick).

Now assemble your's how I do mine...

Take the bottom half of a burger bun, place iceburg lettuce on top, then sliced tomato, then the chicken, then a cheese slice (I'm a healthy eater but this has to be a cheese slice, normal cheese just doesn't work the same) and finally after spreading the top half of the burger bun with mayonnaise place it on top.

Make your own oven chips to go with it....delicious!!

lifestyle, foodBy Regina Turk