Friday Music Pick - The Pogues

As St. Patrick's Day has fallen on a Friday this year, it would've been rude not to choose a good ole Irish tune for today's music pick. This wasn't easy because there are so many great sing-along Irish songs and once you get started you just can't stop (that's what is happening to us in the office today). 

You've got to be drunk to sing this song because a) it's the only time you can leave your inhibitions at the door and b) as it's impossible to sing this song in tune, you sound great when you're drunk. However, if Shane McGowan can get away with singing it, anyone can!

You can join in on St. Patrick's Day no matter what your nationality and where you are in the world so Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone, enjoy a Guinness or two, a song or two (hopefully this one will get you started!) and act a complete eejit!