Clinique's Fresh Pressed System

Vitamin C is well known as a very powerful ingredient in the skincare world. So our ears perked up when we heard about Clinique's new Fresh Pressed System, a range of products, or rather a system of products, which contains pure fresh Vitamin C to brighten and even your skin and improve the overall texture, to bring back that youthful look to your skin. The delivery system that Clinique has very successfully achieved here keeps the potent Vitamin C ingredient intact until it is about to be applied to the face, something that is essential with this ingredient, as it can be quite unstable if not stored correctly.

There are two products to be used in this Fresh Pressed System:

Clinique Fresh Pressedâ„¢ Renewing Powder Cleanser with Pure Vitamin C - this water activated powder cleanser will waken the skin up and instantly brighten it. It is contained in individual sachets in order to preserve the effective Vitamin C ingredient, which degrades once exposed to oxygen. So, one application, individually wrapped will deliver maximum results of this powerful ingredient. This product contains 28 sachets, one to be used each day, either morning or evening (as a second cleanse - it is not a makeup remover). In order to use it, wet your hands first, then empty the sachet contents onto your hands and work into a lather before gently massaging over your skin. Leave it on for one minute to capture the potency of the Vitamin C and then rinse off. Your skin is now cleansed and prepped for the treatment step below.

Clinique Fresh Pressedâ„¢ Daily Booster with Pure Vitamin C 10% - this booster is the treatment step to this 2 step system. It has a high concentration of Vitamin C and was designed as a daily supplement to visibly rejuvenate the skin from the outside. The product comes as 4 x 8.5ml to again preserve the potent Vitamin C ingredient until it is being used. There is an inner bulb at the top of the tube (after removing the foil) which you press twice to release the Vitamin C powder into the emulsion. You then shake the bottle for 15 seconds before every use. Remove the cap at the other end and mix 2 drops with your daily moisturiser, morning and evening.

Each of the above products contain one months supply or you can purchase the Fresh Pressed 7-Day System with Pure Vitamin C, which contains 7 sachets of powder cleanser and one bottle of the booster. This way you can trial the product before committing to one full months supply, if you feel like your skin needs a one week Vitamin C boost or prior to an upcoming special event.

The multi de-ageing benefits of Clinique's Fresh Pressed System includes tightening the skin and smoothing lines, reduces spots and hydrates, brightens and plumps the skin to leave a healthy youthful glow. And true to Clinique's claims, you do see results in 7 days.