L'Oreal Elvive Low Shampoo

A shampoo that doesn't lather up?! Surely you need lots of suds on your head to get your hair 'squeaky' clean. Well, that's what I always thought anyway. And some people would argue that if it is 'squeaky' clean then you have stripped all the natural oils from your scalp and dried it out. I was never quite convinced myself (isn't that what conditioner is for?). 

So when I purchased L'Oreal Elvive Low Shampoo, it was more out of curiosity and I didn't expect it to end up as my go to regular shampoo. I absolutely love this shampoo and although it took a leap of faith to use a shampoo that doesn't foam or doesn't require a conditioner as a follow up, it was one worth taking. Sometimes we need to venture out of our comfort zones and try new things (and we're only talking shampoo here, not botox!).

This Low Shampoo is a cleansing conditioner, it doesn't have all the nasties that detergent-based shampoos have in them, which contribute to drying out your hair and causing frizziness. It very gently cleanses by removing impurities and nourishes the fibres with its conditioning ingredients to leave your hair feeling smooth and silky. If you have frizzy hair, this is definitely the first step to take to control it. I was genuinely surprised at how changing to this shampoo left my hair less frizzy (even frizz free) without making any other changes to my hair routine. I had actually never realised before that normal shampoo was contributing to the issue!  

This shampoo is particularly great for anyone with dry, curly or coloured hair. When using it, apply 10-15 pumps (I have fine bob style hair and I only need 6 pumps) and massage from roots to the ends, evenly distributing it all over. Leave it on for 3 minutes (it's only 3 minutes! and worth it) before thoroughly rinsing it out. You won't hear that 'squeak' but your hair will be left throughly cleansed, hydrated and smelling lovely.