Real Techniques Setting Brush

As huge fans of Real Techniques makeup brushes, the latest one to pass over our dressing table is the setting brush. The quality of Real Techniques brushes for their price point (even without this consideration) is up there with the best. But because of the price point, you don't have to pick a few favourite brushes, you can buy more than you need and get the precision you want. A large face brush can be used to set your makeup, however, for those who don't need to set their entire face (more combination skin types), you will want a smaller micro setting brush like this one to just get into the areas that need it most, like down the centre of the face, around the nose and to set under eye concealer. Even for those who use a larger face brush to powder their entire face will benefit from using the Real Techniques micro setting brush for these areas of the face. It's tapered at the end to give this precision.

For those of you who don't know, Real Techniques brushes are designed by pro makeup artists and youtube beauty gurus Sam and Nic Chapman, otherwise known as Pixiwoo. The brushes are so soft and gentle on the face and give a professional finish. This setting brush allows for a more controlled dusting of powder and can also be used to apply highlighter to the tops of the cheek and down the centre of the nose. As it's a synthetic brush, it can be used with either creams or powders. Importantly, it doesn't shed and it doesn't lose it's shape after its been washed.

The Real Techniques Setting Brush is priced at £6.30/$7.99, which is a bargain given it can be used for more than one job!