Creative Interview with Photographer Jo García Garrido

Photography came a little bit late to Jo Garcia Garrido. Based in the beautiful coastal town of Jávea in Alicante, Spain, Jo studied law and started working as a lawyer until she discovered the world of editing and became the editor in chief of Tiger Magazine where she made the wonderful discovery and a super talent for photography.

Insolence by Jo García Garrido

Jo has a beautiful portfolio of works from her times in Cuba such as Escuela Nacional De Ballet De Cuba

Laundry caught up with Jo to ask her about her inspirations and about creativity in the all important Creative Interview Series

Three words to describe you? 

It's so difficult to describe me… but I can say I'm so curious … and very active.

Three words to describe your work?

Continuos evolution, always in progress, but the more important thing is the way I find to discover people through the lens of my camera.

When did you decide you wanted to be a photographer?

After a long time being the editor in chief of Tiger Magazine and having worked with other photographers, admiring and publishing their work.

Who is your favorite photographer?

Can't be just one! On one hand Sarah Moon makes me dream… I feel emotion with the work of Peter Lindberg, Hedi Slimane, Ellen von Umwerth

But there are others!

What else inspires you other than photography?

Cinema! Video!

What music if any do you listen to when working?

When I take photos music depends of the shooting. When I'm editing, I often listen to Russian Red.

What inspires your work?

The other arts and my daughter.

What city inspires you the most?


What do you dislike about your industry?

The crazy “obligation” to be always producing and showing … facebook, instagram…it helps you but presses you too. 

Where can we see your work?

On my website, my portfolio in photovogue, lens culture, instagram