Deliciously Ella With Friends

This is hands down the best cookery book I have ever bought! Deliciously Ella With Friends I toyed with buying this for a while before doing so. I have a few healthy recipe books and I didn't want another in case they ended up being similar recipes, which can quite often happen. But I could not have been more happy with this one once I got it home. I have tried quite a few of Ella's recipes from her website and have never been disappointed. They were all delicious and relatively easy to make. So this was one of the reasons I was keen to buy her recipe book. I haven't bought any of her previous ones so can't comment on them, although I read a few reviews that some of the recipes were quite similar to her other books (which was obviously wasn't an issue for me).

I stood in my local book shop on three different occasions flicking through it and trying to decide if there was enough payoff in buying the book. One of the things that put me off was that it appeared to be lots of lighter recipes which didn't appear to be substantial enough for a full meal. As the title suggests, it is geared more towards lots of dishes to set down on the table when you have friends around. Whereas I wanted recipes for evening meals (for two). The fact that I kept going back to it, coupled with the fact that I didn't have any of her other books and any Deliciously Ella recipes I have ever tried were so good, I bought it.

What I hadn't realised was that Ella puts 2 or 3 of the recipes together to make a full meal or each one is a light snack on their own. So the first recipe I liked, I wondered what I would put with it, then I turned the page and she had another recipe that you put with it, for example, I saw sweet potato rosti's (which are insanely good and easy to make), then on the next page is maple & rosemary butter beans and on the next page is herby guacamole. The 3 recipes together make your meal, it's genius, Ella does all the thinking for you. One week I made up the Pistachio & Apricot Quinoa and the Sesame Slaw and I had both together throughout the week for lunch.

I was worried that the book was only aimed at dinner party food with each dish serving 10 people (and I would therefore have to take 1/5 of the recipe for my two people) but it's not like this at all. Incidentally if you are having a dinner party, this book in fantastic (as long as none of your guest demand meat as Ella doesn't eat meat, which of course you could add yourself).

The book is a great way to encourage family and friends that eating healthier is so much more nutritious and most importantly, incredibly tasty. If you put these dishes down to a group of friends without telling them what you had made, I would be very surprised if most of them didn't enjoy it.

The book is sectioned by Mornings; Light & Easy; Feasts; Sides; Parties and Sweets so everything is covered. I would say there is maybe 5 dishes I wouldn't make but other than that I am working my way through the book and thoroughly enjoying every minute of it.