Weekend Down Time!

Weekends are mega important to me. So much more than week days. Let's face it, we know exactly what we need to do during the week, i.e. get up (way too early), morning routine of shower, breakfast, dress and makeup which I've got down to a fine art and a precise time, go to work, come home, make and eat dinner, odd jobs (ironing, prepare next days lunch....), a bit of tv, makeup off and bed (with an hours reading). I don't get too stressed about it because I know what I have to do and I have no time for anything else.

Lately however, I've found myself getting more stressed at the weekends because I am trying to cram in as much 'me' time as possible but there is so much I want to do. And I'm not talking about climbing a mountain, I'm talking about when I have a free Sunday afternoon deciding whether to watch a movie, read a book/magazine, play my keyboard, catch up on phone calls, all of which don't stand a chance during the week. I mean, really, how can anyone get stressed out about chilling out? It's ridiculous! I've had to have a real word with myself. Ok, its not a bad thing, at least I am making time for myself but I want to do it all.

There are of course others jobs that need doing at the weekend, I make a menu for the week ahead and prepare my shopping list, as little house work as I can get away with, I used to fight with myself continually about housework, during the week I argued that I work all day and I am not doing housework in the evening, then at the weekend I'd argue that I'm not doing housework when I could be doing so many better things (that I can't do during the week), so I got a cleaner twice a week to do the essential jobs (leaving me ad hoc jobs).

So, I've had to learn to relax about relaxing, yeah, go figure! I think it's a mind set. We've become programmed to always be rushing and doing as much as possible that this spilled over into my down time and my mind couldn't come down to a relaxed state to just sit down and enjoy one thing. Because I have such a small window to turn everything else off and chill out, I couldn't decide what to do. I remember once getting worked up because my Vogue magazine had been sitting in the living room for 3 weeks and I hadn't read a single article (and the new one would be coming out the following week). How insane is that?! Don't get me wrong, my life isn't crazy busy, I was probably engrossed in a good book those weeks. But I realised I had to learn to totally switch off and while I am having 'me' time, not think about the million other things that need doing, otherwise I may as well forget about chilling out and get on with my list!

My weekends currently run like this:- Saturday morning I get up and have breakfast in my pj's (must be in my pj's otherwise it doesn't feel like the weekend), then I clean up a little, get dressed and put my makeup on, head to town to do some messages, browse in the shops and have lunch, back home for about 4pm or 5pm, sort out my purchases (groceries, clothes etc), maybe do another few jobs about the house, make a snack and settle into a movie in the evening. Sunday morning, get up and breakfast in my pj's (it's actually more often brunch on a Sunday), some weeks I go for a Sunday morning walk, then its my menu and shopping list, house jobs, and then it's my long awaited 'me' time (I don't count watching a movie on Saturday night 'me' time, that's compulsory and I'm not on my own). This time is dedicated to either reading whatever book I have on the go (I read every night in bed but I'm lucky if I get past one chapter so here I get a good chunk of it read) or I might watch a girly movie (no chance of this on a Saturday night!) or I might have a wardrobe clear out (very therapeutic – even if I don't throw anything away I discover things at the bottom of the drawer I forgot I had) or spend some time on my keyboard (I'm self teaching!). Then it comes to making dinner (or going out for dinner) and the evening is spent mentally preparing for the week ahead again but thankfully I don't get that dreaded Sunday night feeling you used to get when you were at school that some people still get with work.

It can be difficult to come down after a fully packed week but make sure you do, life is too short! If you have a very productive fast paced Mon-Fri, you deserve a relaxed weekend where you can even take your time to do jobs on your list and then ensure you take an hour or two to yourself! No guilty feelings allowed!