Kaph - The Best Coffee In Dublin!

On Drury Street in Dublin, one of the best coffee shops I have ever visited is located. It's cool, it's hip, plays great music and most importantly for a coffee shop, it's coffee is absolutely delicious. Welcome to Kaph! This authentic coffee house has a cool vibe. It's very small and minimal when you walk in, with a quaint counter and three barista's happily chatting to one another (but not in a rude way) as they make their carefully brewed coffees for you. There are a few sweet treats on the counter to tempt you, with wheat/diary/gluten free options available.

We came across this fabulous place on a gorgeous Sunday morning around 11am, so just about the right time for a coffee fix, following a stroll along the Dublin quays, around the docks, having walked off our hotel breakfast. We expected to find the city rather quiet at this time on a Sunday morning, prior to shops opening but because it was such a beautiful morning, it was rather busy with like minded morning walkers. So, there was quite a buzz around Drury Street, with customers hovering around Kaph, sitting on the bench outside and sipping on their take out coffee.

We decided to takes ours away with us and carry on with our pre-shopping leisurely stroll. So I got a Mocha and off out into the street we went. I took my first sip and thought wow that's good! Then I took my next sip and thought, no that really is fantastic coffee. It was the most creamiest texture but I expected to sip off the top layer of creamy frothiness and reach the 'normal' coffee part. But no, this heavenly experience took me to the bottom of the cup. I almost wished we had taken a seat in Kaph and savoured every moment with no interruptions. 

Across the road from Kaph is Industry and Irish Design Shop, two very cool shops to pop your head into if you are passing (we picked up a trendy industrial style lamp). It's a bit of a creative hub this street!

Drury Street isn't far from Grafton Street so if you find yourself on Grafton Street in Dublin and in need of a caffeine fix mid shopping, then it's worth asking someone to point you in the direction of Kaph. For around the €3 mark, you'll get one of the best cups of coffee ever!