Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover

I can't believe it's taken me so long to discover this nail polish remover! It is a total game changer and saves so much time and effort. Removing nail polish used to be one of my pet hates, so much so that my nail polish would be so chipped by the time embarrassment would kick in and I would be forced to remove the remainder. I don't even blink at doing it now. If you don't know about Bourjois Nail Polish Remover, it is basically a bottle that you stick each finger into, move it around for a couple of seconds (closer to 5 than the stated 1 on the bottle) and when you take it back out, all traces of polish is gone. It is total genius. I was very sceptical about using it initially thinking there was no way a polish could be so effective and quick but it totally is. No more continuous rubbing with a cotton pad or colour bleeding half way down your fingers. Just dip and go!

The inside of the bottle is a sponge soaked in the polish removing liquid, which you stick your finger into and twist it around so there is no inconvenience of any liquid spillage. The only mistake I made, which I wasn't aware of until afterwards, is that there are two different bottles, the one above and a purple one that has a sponge applicator on the lid for removing polish from toes (you can't stick your toes into the bottle!), so I had to have a normal nail polish on the go for removing polish on toes. How many times have you tried removing polish from your toes the conventional way (i.e. cotton pad soaked in remover) and ruined your perfectly manicured fingers in the process? With this applicator, the polish remover gets nowhere near your fingers.

You seriously need this nail polish remover in your life. I realise that I sound quite tragic getting excited by a nail polish remover but anything that will make things easier and get the job done more efficiently and much quicker is a winner for me! It's £5.99 worth spending.