Ouai Texturizing Hair Spray

I am not the norm when it comes to hair products. I hate loading my hair with lots of chemicals, particularly when I don't see the results. I expect miracles, in that I expect to wash my hair, a little hair oil for extra moisture and a little mousse to help with styling and I'm done. On a good day this works but not always. If I'm blow drying my hair, this is the routine I do and if I'm letting it air dry, I use Bumble and Bumble Don't Blow It. Like everyone, I have good hair days and bad hair days. And like most people, I hate washing my hair (actually, it's more the drying of it!) so I try to get away with twice a week (my hair isn't greasy).

The one product that I knew I needed but could not find was a finishing product. I don't like using straight hairspray unless I'm tying my hair back. But when I leave it down (which is most of the time) I find hairspray too drying and I don't get enough play time before it sets in place, leaving my hair feeling hard without the flowing locks we all want to achieve. And if I use oil or other finishing creams, I risk leaving it greasy and in need of a wash sooner than I wish to do so.

So, discovering Ouai Texturising Hair Spray was the best thing ever. For someone who likes to get away with washing her hair as little as possible, and needs a light but effective finishing product, this is the best thing on the market. It's a dry shampoo and hairspray all in one. So, not only is it soaking up excess oils, it is also styling your hair at the same time. I have wanted a product for a long time that will give me the tousled, structured look without leaving my hair feeling harsh. And this is definitely the one!

Whether I blow dry my hair straight or leave it to dry naturally, this Texturising Hair Spray gives me exactly what I want the next day. I don't even curl my hair as much any more because I can achieve an in between tousled look with this spray alone. But it does work just as good the day after you have curled your hair. I have even used it on occasion right after I have dried my hair.

Don't think of this as a hair spray though, despite its name. It's more a finishing spray that isn't stiff or sticky like a hair spray and you get plenty of play time to style your hair however you want. For me, it's simply spray and scrunch with my fingers. You can twist a few bits here and there for extra texture. You can even go back and scrunch it up again half an hour later if needed. It doesn't set like a hair spray. So in a nutshell, it somewhat behaves like a dry shampoo by absorbing oil and freshening up your hair, adding a bit of shine and volume and then allowing a desirable finished structure. It's genius!