Long Haul Flight Essentials

Packing to go on holiday can be quite stressful. If you don't already say “I don't have anything to wear” at least a couple of times a month, then you will most definitely say it when packing to go on holiday because finding 7 different outfits for each day (if you're going for longer you can double up) is an achievement. You may be a frequent traveller and have this down to a fine art. However, if you are traveling on a long haul flight for your vacation or just taking a business trip which requires a long haul flight, then it is equally important to think about your carry on bag. Traveling no more than 4 hours on board a flight only requires a good book or magazine and a drink from the in flight service. Long haul flights will require a little more thought. So if you are new to long haul flights, we have come up with a list of essentials to get you comfortably through your flight. We have tried to keep this list to those things that we consider essential, there may be things on it that you don't consider so or things that may be specific to you (i.e. special medication). But this will certainly get you started:

- Skincare: the first thing I do if it is an overnight flight is to take off my makeup. This is the only time I may use a wipe but quite often I will take a mini bottle of micellar water and cotton wool. Then I will slather on a heavy duty moisturiser or hydrating face mask so that my skin is kept hydrated – long haul flights drain the moisture from your skin. This can be re-applied depending on how long you are air borne. I also like to keep a lip balm close by.

- Makeup – because I take off my makeup, I like to have something to waken up my face (which is no easy task after a long flight especially if you are not a good sleeper on planes). What works wonders for me is the Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge which can be used on the cheeks and lips, a little mascara and concealer. I don't usually bother with much else until I get to my hotel.

- Reading glasses if applicable and sunglasses if your destination is sunny.

- Eye Mask – you quite often get these in your flight pack but just in case it may be worth considering taking your own. I find them invaluable for not just just blocking out light when you want to sleep but they also keep the air conditioning from irritating your eyes.

- Eye drops – the air conditioning and lack of sleep will leave you walking off the flight with red stingy eyes.

- Flight socks – either the tight ones for DVT or thermal ones to keep your feet warm and cosy.

- Hoodie/Cardigan – I don't know about you but I tend to get cold at some point throughout the flight and so a cardigan or preferably hoodie is always good to have close by.

- Books/Magazine – I always bring a book with me onto a long haul flight but I rarely read it because a) I like to catch up on movies I haven't seen and b) I can't keep my eyes open long enough to read, even though I can't sleep. But a magazine is always a good idea, to just flick through.

- Headphones – especially those that drown out all the other noise around you. I haven't got a good pair of in flight headphones yet!

- Travel pillow – these are invaluable but please don't walk around the airport wearing it around your neck – this is not cool! On the plane however, they will stop your head wobbling around when you are nodding off (or trying to!).

- Do not get caught out with a headache (or any other ailment you may be prone to getting) without any medication. A few paracetamol will get rid of any potential headaches, or anti-histamines if the air con bothers you. It's a long flight to suffer unnecessarily.

- Airplanes are notorious for picking up bugs (more so the longer you are on it) so have an anti-bacterial wash in your bag and use it regularly.

- If, like me, the air con can cause you to start with the snuffles, you don't want to be without a pack of tissues. And the person beside you will not appreciate your sniffing for 14 hours!

- Although water is provided on the flight I would always take a few small bottles with me to ensure I keep hydrated. You don't want to constantly be asking for water or getting up to refill your cup. And believe me you will need as much water as possible, long haul flights are ultimate dehydrators. Just remember to wait until you get through security before you buy it as you won't get through security with it.

- Lastly, carry anything of real value to you in your hand luggage, ipads, jewellery, your Jimmy Choos etc....

Remember that anything you take on board the flight has to pass the airlines regulations, including the size of liquid items, which is usually 100ml or less, so don't take your favourite beauty item above the allowed amount or security will take it of you.

Once all this is in check, enjoy your holiday/trip!