Zelens Stem Complex Rejuvenating Overnight Treatment

Zelens Stem Complex is the type of product that would feature on my 'what to buy if I was rich' list. The problem with really expensive creams is that they are rarely justified because it is simply not possible to afford re-purchasing them and why buy it once if you can't keep using it?! Yes it is a most luxurious present to yourself that will leave your skin glowing inside and out and you will most definitely benefit from their top ingredients BUT once you have finished it, if you can't afford to buy it again, it will leave you feeling miserable. So why put yourself through it?!

Ok, so having said all of the above, I have just had the most beautiful relationship with this gorgeous pot of cream. I'm not quite at the end of it yet but it's not far off! I will answer 'will I buy it again?' later but for now let me enjoy telling you about my love affair. This started for me in January, after receiving it for Christmas (at my request!), along with 4 other Zelens products. I would not have bought this cream myself and I wanted to try Zelens for so long that I (via my very generous husband) decided to take the plunge and get a few products at the same time so they would all complement each other. I started using Stem Complex Rejuvenating Night Cream right away and as I said I'm not quite at the end so I would guess that by the time I have finished it I will have used it for 6 months at 3 nights per week. 

The texture of this cream is utterly divine, it literally glides on and when you are rubbing it in, although it absorbs well, you can still feel the silkiness on your face, you almost want to keep running your fingers across your face to embrace the velvety touch. It's a rich cream but in no way heavy, no greasiness or oily residue and it leaves you with the optimum level of moisture required. 

Zelens Stem Complex is an anti-ageing product and whilst that word is so over used these days, in this case it is a huge under-statement. This overnight treatment has a cocktail of ingredients, packed with high-performance peptides and active botanical extracts, helping the skin to naturally regenerate itself overnight. It targets the keys signs of ageing and leaves you waking up with the smoothest and most plump skin ever. It is a dream product that has outstanding results. Overall, it leaves your skin looking younger (literally!).

Dr Marko Lens, who developed Zelens, is a very well respected skin specialist in the field of skin ageing and skin cancer. The Zelens brand has become a highly trusted one for me.

So, will I buy it again? Definitely! Will I keep re-purchasing it as soon as the previous one runs out? Totally depends on my finances at the time. Am I going to go without food for it? No! This is a product to buy if you can afford it because it is worth it but if you can't there are many other (much cheaper) really good products to indulge in.

It costs £185.