What Is Beauty?

When I was a teenager, beauty to me meant something that I found aesthetically pleasing and that was it. It didn't go much deeper than that. A beautiful dress that I insisted on having even if it meant paying it off weekly through the Freemans catalogue. Or my friends gorgeous coat that I was so envious of because I knew neither me nor my mother could afford it. But most importantly, when to came to people, particularly boys, unless they were conventionally beautiful, I wasn't attracted to them. So when I was at the teenage discos and a random boy tapped me on the shoulder to ask me if I would go out with his friend, I would have a quick glance in the direction he was pointing and quickly make a judgement on whether he was good looking enough to kiss. It backfired sometimes because the distance showed them in better light (hence why he sent his friend while he stood at a pre-determined distance away!). So, he would look really quite cute until the lights came on at the end of the night and panic would set in....oh my god, did I just snog you?! Very cruel teenage standards! But they do say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so I'm sure another girl would've fancied him. Others times, my shallowness would teach me a lesson, when I would say no (perhaps in fear of making the previous mistake) and I would see him later and kick myself...and then end up fancying him for 6 months to no avail.

I've since grown up and learned to experience beauty from different angles. And most certainly what is beautiful to one person is not the same for another. But I've also learned that this is ok! I have met many people over the years (post teens!) that I have found myself attracted to despite them not having conventional good looks. It's quite often their personality that shines through and this gives them beauty in abundance. Equally, I have not been attracted to very good looking people because they are not very nice people. That's not to say I don't appreciate a gorgeous looking person, I have a good eye in my head, the point is it becomes irrelevant when they have an ugly personality.

Beauty, whilst often a physical attraction, can resonate itself through an emotional connection, from a twinkle in someones eye to a deeper more meaningful connection. Either way, it is subjective and personal to each and every one of us.

One of the most beautiful things to me is someone who walks into a room and lights it up. There aren't many people who can do this, most importantly is that the person doing it doesn't realise they have this power, which is what is so beautiful about it. I'm not talking about those people who are over excited and enthusiastic, which can be annoying, to the point point that they take over every conversation. I mean the one who exudes radiance and warmth and has an almost magnetic force, drawing you towards her/him. She (for arguments sake) could walk into the room with a fabulous dress and the most gorgeous heart warming smile and has an air about her that stands out in a crowd and as you watch her talk to her friends and people she meets, you just know that she is a lovely person. I love people watching so I notice these things.

And on the flip side is the one who catches your eye as they quietly sit back in a crowd, listening attentively to what those around them are saying and discreetly catches your eye as he notices you watching him. That moment, when you are caught out and you get a flush to the cheeks of slight embarrassment. Quite often, these are the people who (ironically) stand out for me because they confidently pay attention to everyone else and show genuine interest in them.

A caught moment between a mother and her daughter or a father and his son is a lovely experience. That moment when you catch them look at each other with innocence and love, a warm embrace of unconditional love, genuine laughter (which I find a beautiful characteristic in anyone). Such an incredibly beautiful moment.

Sometimes it's just some one thing about someone that is beautiful, a haircut, an attitude, a piece of jewellery, a warm personality, their fiestiness even and then there are those who are beautiful in every way, even down to the very house they live in. Some people are just cool! I quite often find beauty in someone who is sad, an emotion that resonates within most of us at some point in our lives. Showing your emotions is a beautiful thing because it shows strength of character.

In terms of physical beauty, particularity in the fashion world, what used to be conventional clean cut looks has been overtaken by girl/boy next door look, someone who is different, edgy with unruly hair and a quirky personality. So the fashion world can quite often dictate what we find beautiful. Perfection is no longer 'in', in fact 'perfection is boring'! It's all about reality, individual style and personality.

Lastly, there is nothing more beautiful than someone who is completely true to themselves, follows their dreams and has the confidence to live the life they want.

“The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mode but the true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives the passion that she shows. The beauty of a woman grows with the passing years.”
Audrey Hepburn