Hair By Sam McKnight

Sam McKnight takes his four decades of hairstyling expertise to new heights, unveiling four hero products that collectively stand as the saving grace to every modern woman’s bathroom cabinet. The Hair by Sam McKnight collection draws key elements from McKnight’s signature styling techniques and channels each into its own cult product, designed to bring ease to home hairstyling.

Cool Girl Texturising Spray £25
"Cool Girl gives you the hair that everyone wants. It’s rock‘n’roll and sexy. The trick to Cool Girl hair is making it look like you haven’t even tried. It’s the antithesis to done hair.” – Sam McKnight

Modern Hairspray £22
"An effortless, barely there texturiser that creates style that lasts all day. Modern Hairspray – it’s a fine yet effective hairspray and its brushable formula allows for mistakes." – Sam McKnight

Lazy Girl Dry Shampoo £19
"Lazy Girl is my ultimate dry-shampoo and styling product in its own right. Perfect for those lazy days in between washes but it also gives you volume and hold.” – Sam McKnight

Easy-Up Do £25
"Easy Up-Do offers effortless styling, I describe it as ‘hair grips in a can’ product because it creates that nonchalant yet glamorous up-do that all girls want." – Sam McKnight

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