The Best Of Espadrille Sandals

Espadrilles are one of the most favoured footwear items for the summer. They are very comfortable, stylish and versatile. There aren't many outfits that you couldn't team with a pair of espadrilles. And you can opt for flats or wedges to suit your preference.

Wearing flat espadrilles are the most perfect footwear for summer comfort and style. They offer an alternative to the more relaxed trainer option, so if you still want comfort but want your outfit to be dressy, these are a staple. And for days that you want an extra inch added to your height or to elongate your legs, then add a wedge espadrille. Long maxi dresses/skirts, mini skirts, jeans, shorts or trousers; they'll all work with these versatile sandals. Think of any occasion that you may wear trainers, sandals or casual evening shoes, a pair of espadrilles will work each time. And as for holidays, they are essential. Warm days walking to the beach, around the shops or in the evening if killer heels don't cut it for you in 30 degrees.

There is just something quite charming about espadrilles, they are chic, feminine, cool and elegant. Here are a few that we have picked out: