The Guide To Buying The Perfect Designer Handbag

A designer handbag is a girls best friend. The two things fit together perfectly. So, choosing the right designer handbag for you is an important decision because when you buy one, it is a long time investment, one that is going to stay with you for years to come. A designer handbag is a serious piece of arm candy, it's an accessory to any outfit (so choose colour carefully) and of course it must be practical, versatile, the right size etc. Unlike your favourite pair of jeans that may not fit you for a few months if you put on a little weight or become pregnant, a handbag will always fit!

A handbag is an extremely personal item for any woman. I mean, would you look into another woman's handbag without her permission?! A woman carries all her personal belongings in her handbag, open it up (with her permission of course) and it will almost reveal who she is before you've even spoken to her. There'll always be random items thrown in that fall to the bottom of her bag and might stay there until next time she clears it out, so there's a piece of nostalgia lying at the bottom of that bag (depending on how often it is cleared out). Last time I opened my white evening bag I found a business card for my favourite restaurant (Soho House) in Barcelona.

Much research will have already gone into a designer handbag by the designers themselves, so even before you start the process of thinking about the type of bag you want, they'll have done some of the ground work for you. You just need to choose the type, size, colour etc. Depending on your requirements, you might want one that is a classic timeless piece, a small but show stopping evening bag that only comes out for special occasions or you may want one that will serve as your day to day bag and will fit all your essentials including your flat shoes for the end of the day leaving work.

So, the first thing you need to consider is the type of bag you want. There are various options in terms of shoulder bags, on the arm/hand held, cross body. So, consider how best you prefer to carry yours. Then, you need to consider what size you want, if you are high maintenance and like to carry a makeup bag for top ups during the day, hair brushes to keep your hair shining, perfume etc., then you will need a large designer handbag. This is a huge purchase, so don't make the mistake of thinking 'you know, it's about time I downsized', to then regret it later and watch it gather dust on the shelf (not that this would happen because you would place it in it's dust bag after every use, right?!). Or you may prefer to invest in a small evening bag if you socialise often in the evenings and don't see the value in spending your hard earned cash on a bag that will get bashed about during the day and lie at your feet all day at work (although some bags look better once aged - something to consider!). Or, in the name versatility, you may opt for a medium sized bag that will serve both day and night, then you don't have to choose, you can use it whenever you want. Let's face it, you're not taking that shopper to the pub at night (unless you're on the way home from shopping and call in for one that turns into three - we can't always plan for such events!). Think carefully.

Then you need to consider the colour. Bold bright colours are fabulous and fun but make sure they will work with the majority of your outfits. Most people have a style and a usual colour theme running through their wardrobe, so match it up. Otherwise, stick to black, tan, oxblood or neutral. Having said that, no one is going to go wrong with a Hermès orange Birkin! I wouldn't care if it didn't match my pink dress, it's a Birkin for christ's sake!

And lastly, work within your budget. Don't re-mortgage the house, it's just a bag! Buy what you can afford and remember that brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Hermès will hold their value for years to come, so if you want to splash out but fancy a change down the line, you can sell it.

Whichever designer handbag you decide to go for, take pleasure in shopping for it, it's not a stressful purchase, it may just take time to find the right one, but that means more shopping!