By Terry Terrybly Densiliss

Foundation doesn't come better than this! By Terry Terrybly Densiliss is the Creme de la Mer of foundation, although not as expensive but in terms of the makeup world it is expensive for a foundation. But with good reason.

I'd been reading a few reviews on this lately and the wonders it preforms. At the same time, I was also personally looking for a foundation that had more coverage than my every day one (Laura Mercier Candleglow). Something that I could use when I was going out or on special occasions. Fuller coverage makeup can be difficult to find if you don't want skin that a) looks like heavy foundation and b) feels like heavy foundation. Fuller foundations can also cake and get into creases and lines. Which is why I stick to a more sheer foundation for day time.

So, off I went to Space NK to try out this one. I will say at this point that I had no idea how much this cost! I arrived and the beauty assistant was very helpful going through all the different foundations By Terry has to offer. I explained what I wanted and she advised me to try the Terrybly Densiliss. Once she applied it to my face, it looked lovely and the colour was right. But most importantly it was good coverage without being too heavy, result! Or so I thought....

As I had no knowledge of how much it was before I advanced the counter, I was thinking around the £40/$56 mark, so when she told me it was £78/£115, I nearly fell off my very high stool I was sitting on. Needless to say I didn't buy it straight away but the assistant did give me a sample to take away.

I got about 3 or 4 applications out of it and I went back the following week to purchase it.

This foundation is a cut above the rest. It is an anti-wrinkle serum foundation which basically means that it has skincare benefits in it with wrinkle control and firming properties. So, this is a foundation that definitely doesn't cake around lines and wrinkles. It seamlessly blends to create a second skin which is exceptionally smooth. The patented Mimetic Factor in the advanced mineral correction complex evens out skin tone, adding a youthful radiance with a beautifully natural, matte finish.

When I first applied this to my skin, I did not immediately think 'Wow!', although it did apply beautifully. However, after about half an hour or so I checked it out again in the mirror and this time I did say 'Wow!'. Once this settles into your skin, the serum part is undoubtedly going to work. My skin had a luminous glow and was totally flawless. I genuinely didn't think you could achieve this with a foundation (unless you had perfect skin to begin with). I could not stop looking at myself in the mirror as the day went on. It remained flawless and the texture of my skin was more refined and firmer.

This is not a cheap foundation, however it is just too good to not have. It will only come out at weekends or special occasions as I want it to last as long as possible at that price. I was so impressed with it that I bought the Terrybly Densiliss concealer to go with it, which was every bit as good. It also contains the Mimetic Factor for age correcting and firming benefits and delivers a flawless matt finish with long lasting complete coverage. Both these products are beautiful and in the top league of foundation/concealers.