Beauty Tips: Unused Moisturisers

If you buy a moisturiser that turns out to be not quite right for your skin, i.e. it's making you sensitive or maybe it's a bit too rich for your face, then before you decide to pass it on (particularly if it is expensive), try it out on your neck and décolletage. Quite often our sensitivity is confined to our faces or patches of our faces. It may not be ideal using 2 different moisturisers but it is better than wasting good creams.

I did this recently with This Works No Wrinkles Midnight Moisture which is such a gorgeous cream but just didn't suit my face. It cost me £46/$84 so I wasn't about to waste it. Thankfully my neck loved it and really benefitted from it. It's so easy to moisturise your face and just rub what is left on your fingers over your neck. This way my neck and décolletage was getting sufficient attention of it's own. I must say I am tempted to keep this up (after all your neck ages quicker than your face!).