Bourjois Cream Blush

When it comes to buying high street/drugstore makeup, there are certain brands that you just know to go to for certain products. For example, if you need a mascara, then it must be Max Factor, for eyeshadow Revlon is a trusted brand and for bronzer and blushers it's got to be Bourjois.

Which is why I headed to the Bourjois stand in a quest to find an everyday cream blush (which Bourjois are particularly good at). I have lots of favourite blushers in my personal makeup kit, Bobbi Brown cream blush and the famous Nars in Orgasm for a powder blush. Whilst I use these often and love them, I wanted a nude blusher that I could use on days when I was wearing minimum makeup and so gave my checks the right amount of blush in an understated way. Just enough flush to brighten my face without looking like I was wearing a full face of makeup. When I am only wearing a neutral wash of eyeshadow on my eyes and a nude lip (sometimes it's just lip balm to freshen up my lips), then I need a subtle wash of colour on my checks. Depending on how pale I may look I sometimes add bronzer but I still feel like I need a pop of colour on my checks to add brightness and glow.

As opposed to many of my other makeup shopping trips, this one was actually quite easy. I knew which brand I wanted and I even knew that it was the cream blush I wanted, all I had to do was pick the colour, which again was relatively easy as I knew I wanted a nude shade. Shopping for makeup is never this easy!

There are only 6 shades in this range, including pink and orange/coral shades. As I didn't want anything with too much colour in it, I tested Nude Velvet (01) on the back of my hand. This shade is a nude peach, which works perfect for me as I tend to lean more towards peachy orange colours as opposed to pinks. These cream blushers are actually a cream to powder formula which makes blending really easy and creates a natural fresh complexion. 

A couple of months in and I have been reaching for this more often than not on a daily basis and in some cases choosing it over my high end blushers. This is how much I am loving it!

Priced at £7.99/$11, it is a great everyday blusher that delivers excellent results for the price point.