The 'Jeans And A Top' Revival!

The jeans-and-a-top going out uniform is making a come back, much to our delight. Remember back in the late 90s when this was the staple outfit that never let us down. We used to call our friends to find out what everyone was wearing out that night and the reply usually was "jeans and a top". No matter what anyone else was wearing, you never looked out of place in jeans and a top. I must say, I've really missed this outfit. I have on occasion (since this look left us) thrown on a pair of jeans and a top to go out and felt so under dressed because everyone was in sexy dresses. I actually welcomed the dress code of getting glammed up and wearing dresses and skirts for nights out because at the time there really was no other option than jeans-and-a-top. I just hated that I couldn't throw on my jeans anymore if I wanted to without feeling uncomfortable. But what could be more sexy than a pair of jeans, killer heels and a slinky top. I'm so looking forward to embracing this look again.

The good news about this look is that you can probably put together your new going out outfit with a rummage through your wardrobe. But if you want some ideas, we have put a few looks together for you to suit most evenings out, casual or dressy: