The Gucci Queen Margaret Handbag

Gucci handbags are one of the most gorgeous of all designer handbags. The quality and detail makes them standout. You always know a Gucci handbag! They are the most divine piece of arm candy and you could go out in a pair of plain jeans and a t-shirt and go unnoticed, however, carry a Gucci handbag and it will totally transform your outfit and you will most definitely get noticed. It's a fact!

The latest Gucci bag to be presented to us is the Queen Margaret handbag; Modern romanticism, new and old House codes and a royal edge. Details reign in the structured design: a handle crafted from bamboo, first used by the House in 1947, multiple coloured soft and exotic leathers and a gleaming hardware closure of a metal bee—a symbol from Gucci’s archives that debuted in the 70s—encrusted with pearls and coloured stones.

Look at these stunning creations: