Fashion Tips: Don't Bare All!


Sexy means showing a shoulder, or bit of cleavage, or your legs. When you show all at once, it isn't sexy anymore because there is nothing left to the imagination. Most importantly, if you are showing skin on the top half of your body then don't show your legs and if you want to get your legs out, cover up the top half. Know when to keep things under wraps. You want to create an element of mystery.

There is nothing more sexy than wearing a long skirt with a split so that when you are standing at an event you look very elegant and feminine and when you walk off your skirt starts to move and flow, revealing a sexy toned tanned leg. This probably is one occasion when you could wear a cami on top to reveal your shoulders (but not your cleavage).

Mini skirts have been around for years, having been introduced in the 1960s by British designer Mary Quant. Everyone loves a mini skirt, admittedly there comes an age when they start to drift out of our wardrobes, so when you can wear them in abundance. I particularly love a mini skirt in the winter with a polo neck jumper and a pair of tights. Ok technically you are not baring any skin but your legs are on show. In the summer though a mini skirt looks fabulous with a simple t-shirt, or a fine knit on not so warm days.

Another favourite way to bare your skin, although less popular, is by wearing a backless top. I find this incredibly sexy. If you are wearing a backless top make sure you are not showing your cleavage. A high neckline at the front is a very complementary way to wear a backless top. It works well in a dress also, or pair the top with a pair of classic trousers.

And when showing cleavage, this works well with jeans, trousers or one of my favourite looks is a low cut jumpsuit and killer heels for an evening look.

The female body is a very beautiful thing and as long as you follow these tips you are showing it for the raw beauty that it is, not creating an object of desire. And don't forget the runway can get away with a lot more than we can in real life!

fashionBy Kerrie W