Pedicure Bliss

A pedicure is one of those treatments that we don't spend enough time or money on. We wouldn't think twice about paying for a facial or a massage or even a manicure but pedicures often get pushed to the bottom of the queue. And you know what happens to things at the bottom of the queue, they never get done! I'm as guilty of this as the next person so I should practice what I preach. Which is exactly what I did recently so I'm here to sing the praises of pedicure bliss.


If you are going to have a pedicure it is most likely to be now, i.e. pre holiday. A pedicure isn't just a means to an end. Don't forget it's an actual spa treatment and I had forgotten just how relaxing and pleasurable it is to lie back on those very comfy reclining chairs and enjoy someone working on and massaging my feet. It's not quite reflexology but there is something very soothing about your feet getting some love and attention, it's mindfulness and meditation. Who ever spends time massaging their own feet? It would be quite weird, not to mention awkward. And let's face it, your other half may do it once or twice but the novelty will soon wear off! So, at best they get a scrub now and again when they get unsightly and the odd application of moisturiser. I do always wear nail polish on my toes but even that tends to be a rush job.


With a pedicure you get relaxation, any concerns addressed and a beautiful polished finished. I'd much prefer to get a pedicure done at the spa than a manicure. If I get a manicure it really is for a purpose i.e. to shape my nails and polish them. I don't find them relaxing though because you are face to face with the therapist and so feel that you should be making conversation. At least with a pedicure they are at your feet so you can lie back and close your eyes (I find they usually take the hint when I do this!). 


A few things to remember though when you head to the spa for your pedicure; don't forget your flip flops and ask if you can put them on before the nail polish is applied to avoid any smudges; you will need to sit for about half an hour afterwards to ensure it is dry enough; and if you don't want polish on your feet, ask if they will polish your fingernails instead.